Red Pegasus Racer Decals

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Keith Davidson has bought the decal business and has opened up his own company; Red Pegasus Decals.

His 1/72 and 1/48 racer decals are screen printed just like normal aftermarket sheets and are of high quality. Each sheet comes with an informative instruction sheet with color information and some history on the aircraft.

There are currently a number of sheets available in 1/48 and 1/72. Future additions will also include decals printed on an ALPS printer and available in any scale.

Bob Hoover Rockwell P-51D
Bob Hoover Evergreen P-51D
Bob Abrams P-51D
Earl Ortman Race 2 P-51D
Galloping Ghost P-51D
Joe FG-1D
Tony Levier P-38
Tom's Cat F8F
Numerous Paul Mantz P-51C's.


You can visit the Red Pegasus Decal web site at for more information, or contact Keith at

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