Current Feature:
"This is Real Exciting..." See Reno 2009 Through the Eyes of Steve Hinton Jr. Story by Steve Hinton Jr., photos by Tim Adams and Scott Germain, and courtesy Steve Hinton Jr. Click Here.
So, how was your week at Reno? The inside story on Strega's week at Reno. Story by Steven Hinton. Click Here.
Race 114 is a mayday... Read pilot CJ Stephens account of his mayday in Argonaut at Reno 2008. Click Here.
Run, Chubby, Run! Warbird Aero Press Take You Inside the Reno Unlimited Action. Story by Scott Germain, photos by Chris Luvara and Scott Germain. Click Here.
The Legends of Air Racing - John Crocker. Story by Scott Germain, Photos by Gerald Liang, Emil Strasser and Scott Germain. Click Here.
Dear Reno... A Letter to Reno by Scott Germain. Photos by Scott Germain, Chris Luvara, Mike Luvara and Jack Germain. Click Here.
Chino Kid to Businessman - Steve Hinton isn't just a great pilot. Story by Scott Germain. Photos by Scott Germain and Pete Law. Click Here.
Other Features and Updates:
The Next Level - Crew Chief Bill Kerchenfaut Joins the September Fury Team. Story and Photos by Scott Germain with Gerald Liang. Click Here.
The Passionate Professionals - Air Race Journalist and Photographer Birgitta Nurmi Takes WAP Readers Inside the 2004 Dago Red Team. Photos by Birgitta Nurmi, Neal Nurmi, Margaret Watt, Chris Luvara and Scott Germain. Click Here.
Going Fast... A Beginners Guide to Speed. Curious about what makes an Unlimited Racer Go 490? Story and Photos By Scott Germain. Click Here.
The Legends of Air Racing - Engineer Bruce Boland. tips its hat to one of the most influential and talented air racing engineers; Bruce Boland. Click Here for the Story by Scott Germain.
Rendezvous with Miss America - Catches Miss America and Brent Hisey in These Air to Air Photos. Click Here.
Tiger Paws... WAP Takes a Look at Bill "Tiger" Destefani. Story and Photos by Scott Germain. Click Here.
Building Dago Red. Air Racing and Lockheed Engineer Pete Law Share His Personal Photos of Dago Red During Construction and at Reno 1982. Click Here.
The Roads to Reno - Racing Action from Reno 2004. Story and Photos by Scott Germain. Click Here.
Snap Shots: Charles Odum Warbird and Race T Shirts. Click Here
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